SEO Services Inglewood

When you sign up for our SEO services you are getting the most comprehensive approach to SEO possible, we are on top of every technique to get your company to Googles 1st page. Please take a look at all of the different services we offer to get your business to the top of all the competition in your marketplace. We are also always looking for the freshest an newest, techniques to continue to be the best SEO company possible to make sure your business Dominates the online competition.

AnalyticsiconWeb Development
On Page

Build you a website

To be involved in internet marketing you have to have a website first. If not we can get you up and running with a custom site to suit your business. This website will be built with SEO in mind so it will rank well automatically.

KeywordiconKey Word

We choose the best keywords

We make it simple, Google lets us know which keywords get the most traffic and we make sure that you come up on the 1st page for those keywords in your marketplace. We realized is that most businesses aren't up to date in this new technology so we advise you to capitalize on this as soon as possible

WebdeviconUnique Content
Custom Article Text

Remove duplicate content

Duplicate content will severely harm your chances of ranking high in the search engine results and we have a team of writers with great experience writing professional unique content that reads easily and keeps your customers coming back.

Your Market

Target the right people at the right time

Time is money in our business, so we waste no time understanding our market, and target it. At MMP our motto is we would rather you be the best at one thing rather than mediocre at everything.

LinkbuildingiconCustom Link

Quality back links with high page rank

With our overwhelming list of back links we can give your website the links that it needs to boost you page rank for every page on your website optimized for every keyword that your targeting.

LinkbuildingiconOptimize Website for
Mobile Technology

Develop your mobile website

Every year Billions of dollars is spent on computers being accessed on the phones and tablets, even more so than computers. We strongly suggest that you capitalize on this market and so does Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines.

TargeticonGoogle Analytics
Web Master Tools

We'll show you results

The truth is at the end of the day we have to show you results. With these tools we will show you where you were and how much you have improved once we started working with you. Your rankings will skyrocket immediately.

PpciconPay Per Click

Google adwords certified partner

Theres no secret that this brings you immediate hits on your website, but while we are bringing you the organic search results that you need. Understanding how to use PPC can be a great help to getting you the Google-Visibility you need.

LocaliconLocal SEO

Dominate the Competition In Your Area

Since we've been in this business we've noticed a shift in how Google shows rankings, the truth is that since the new algorithmic changes took place now Googles rankings have taken a more local approach and of course we are at the forefromt of this new process.